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About Our Process

Welcome, we can't wait to help you with your alterations needs!
We are a group of specialized tailors that work the most with bridal, special occasion, and high end gowns. We do take all kinds of alterations though and have a broad range of skill sets. 
Our work load does tend to keep us booked out by a few weeks. We can turn things around very quickly but would charge a rush fee to put aside our other work and bump yours to the front of the line. 
We begin rush fees at 4 weeks from the event date for general formal wear and 8 weeks for a bridal gown (but we prefer to start bridal at 14 weeks before event date).

Welcome to 2023!

This year is going to be brilliant! In order to maintain our high standards and still see our families we will not be accepting new clients June through October. Please use our website to book dates before and after those months. 

  • Meet with an alterations specialist to discuss your project.

    1 hr

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